A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Never Alone is a short but challenging game. In order to pass each level, both players will depend and require to work together in order to progress through each level. every level is meant to look similar because its meant to catch you out thinking its the same level but instead there will be new elements within the game each time.

The game is in prototype so depending on the reviews or time; I will probably go back and add art assets and create more levels and elements.

More information

Published73 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorMiles Buffery
Tags2-player, 3D Platformer

Install instructions

Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, just unzip to a file destination and run the .exe.


Never Alone.rar (9 MB)


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Interesting game mechanic, fun to play with somebody else and figure out what you have to do.

I like games where you have to work together to complete the levels. I like the challenges you came up with. Would be interesting to see them combined with another mechanic to keep it exciting.

Game was a bit confusing in what the player was meant to do, perhaps some UI prompt text with controls when needed would be nice, or a tutorial? As to check the controls I would need to quit the game at the moment meaning I have to start all over again. Has some potential if worked on some more!

Thanks mate for the feedback, yeah i will probably be working on these minor fixes soon. A little busy with university but really appricate the feedback! :)